Aptonos Finance


At Aptonos Launchpad, we made a feature called "Insurance" to protect the user's main capital and limit any possible losses.
For example, if a user buys the IDO round of a Launchpad project, they can choose to add a percent of their invested funds to buy insurance with AOS tokens. Then, the AOS tokens will be sent to the Aptonos Launchpad Insurance Fund.
The Aptonos Launchpad Insurance Fund will then cover any possible loss of the user's principal capital for the next 60 days.
On the 60th day after the IDO launch, if the TWAP is less than the IDO price, the Aptonos Launchpad Insurance Fund will pay the difference to the user, so the user's principal capital is well protected. If the project does well, on the other hand, the user's return will be infinity% - the amount paid for insurance.